About Us

The Shoreview Area Housing Initiative (SAHI) is a not-for-profit organization with a goal to create, improve and preserve housing opportunities to single – headed families.


Domestic Violence Survivors


Disabled Veterans


Long Term Homeless

Founded in 2008, SAHI purchases and renovates foreclosed or distressed homes in northern Ramsey County. These properties are currently rented to single parents at below market rates (31% of their income). To date SAHI owns 18 homes and is serving nearly 100 women and their families.

Residents, in conjunction with SAHI and the referring agency, are required to create and maintain a “Life Plan”. Life Plans are individualized although generally include support, services and education.

about-fundingFunding for SAHI projects comes from a variety of resources. A typical SAHI purchase is $85,000.

Low-income families experience a complicated set of barriers to obtaining and maintaining housing which keeps them trapped in a seemingly endless cycle, despite their best efforts to get ahead. Key challenges and SAHI’s solutions include:

Wages and Affordability

More than one-third (34%) of low income working adults in the metro area earn less than $8 per hour. At this rate, a full-time worker would spend more than half (52% or more) of his or her gross income for a one-bedroom apartment.

SAHI meets this challenge by: providing below market rate rents and opportunities for lease-to-own purchase of properties at or below fair market rates, while continuing to support residents in their career and educational goals that will enable them to transition from merely having a job to developing a career that will provide their families with a livable wage.


Unstable housing leads to poor education. Low income parents report that 11% of all parents reported that one or more of their children have trouble going to school because of their housing situation.

SAHI meets this challenge by: creating safe stable environment for children in homes located in high performing school districts and support to parents and students through mentoring relationships. For the adults, SAHI will continue to subsidize rents for tenants allowing them to work and attend school to further their career and educational goals.

The Cycle of Generational Poverty

Unstable housing puts children at risk for a variety of negative experiences and reduces opportunities to thrive.

  • 21% experiencing an emotional or behavioral problem, (about three times the rate for the overall population).
  • 8% said their children skipped meals in the previous month because there was not enough money to buy food.
  • 8% had been unable to obtain needed health care for at least one child in the past year.

SAHI meets this challenge by: carrying out the core of its mission to provide a supportive environment and services that will foster and encourage self-awareness, self-discipline, high academic achievement, personal empowerment, and exposure to professional and personal growth opportunities with an emphasis on education and community engagement, designed for each resident of the program, breaking the cycle of poverty and changing the trajectory of children’s lives.

Our Four Core Organizational Values


We believe that a collaborative and respectful community is essential to producing long term change. We are committed to working with the entire community to reach our mission.


The low income clients that we will reach deserve excellence – thus making excellence our standard. The Foundation will strive for excellence in all programs, products and relationships.


The cause is bigger than the Foundation. Accordingly, we will be flexible in reaching our goals.


The Foundation will demonstrate transparency, honesty and good stewardship in all we do.






To break the cycle of poverty by providing affordable housing and supportive programs.


To grow self-dependence and stability for single parents and their children by providing the opportunity to move beyond short term shelters and chronic homelessness, to long-term homes in safe communities with high-performing schools.

Board of Directors

  • Jenni Wiig, Board Chair, Wells Fargo
  • Mike Cleveringa, Board Vice Chair, Wells Fargo
  • Pat Lund, Board Secretary, Habitat for Humanity
  • Brian McCool, Byron Fredrikson Law Firm
  • Jonathan Weinhagen, St. Paul Chamber of Commerce
  • Ted Risdall, Risdall Marketing Group
  • Maria Piazza
  • Bob Myrland
  • Joel Varberg
  • Joy Huffman
  • Crystal Britzus
  • Karissa Malrick
  • Noah Huffman
  • Shereen Page

Our Partners

The Shoreview Area Housing Initiative partners with numerous experts in the affordable housing industry.

The Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation

Our Business Partners

As SAHI grows so do the list of local businesses that provide assistance. This assistance has been critical in our efforts to renovate homes as affordably as possible.

The Home Depot